Utsav: Reaching Culinary Nirvana In Midtown!

My recent visit to Utsav at 46th and Sixth totally made my day–and night! It has a light, airy and elegant vibe with modern ceiling fixtures and lots of windows for people watching down on the street. The entrance is actually tucked away about 75 feet west of the northwest corner of 46th and Sixth, so be mindful of this when entering the restaurant. You will actually enter through a ground floor bar area that looks so cozy and comfortable that to me it looks like the perfect anecdote to a crazy work day in one of Sixth Avenue’s nearby monolith buildings...

— Anne Raso

An Exotic Dinner at Utsav

What’s on your list if you are dining on a night out? French, Italian, or Japanese? How about try something different this time. If there is a romantic dinner on your calendar, I think it’s time to explore the realm of Indian cuisine. Curry over rice is absolutely delicious, but not everyone can see the sophistication of it. Discard the stereotypes from TV shows and cheap takeouts. After having an exceptional dinner at Utsav, I’d say that Indian cuisine is not only rich in flavor but also in the diversity of culture...

— Wendy Fan

The Eden of Indian Delights at Utsav

In Midtown just steps away from Rockefeller Center is a mecca for foodies to descend and give praise too. Utsav (1185 Avenue of the Americas) is extraordinary from the moment you enter the doors. The design is exquisite and unexpected with thoughtful decor and rich, saturated colors surrounding you. The warmth of the tone matches the delightful smiles of the staff that seat you in the luxurious main dining room. In many ways it is like a fruitful trip to the country and a part of the blissful, heavenly architecture you find at the destination...

— Elizabeth Taylor

Where New Yorkers Actually Eat in Times Square

With lunchtime seven days a week, Utsav offers a $21.95 all-you-can-eat Indian buffet consisting of nearly three dozen dishes. The food is various and subtly spiced, and always includes tandoori chicken, saag paneer, dal makhani, lentil salads, and a shrimp or lamb dish, plus a choice of two desserts. Warm bread is delivered at intervals.
The views of the skyscrapers all around the second story dining room, and the elegance of the space are other pluses. The chance to overeat so profoundly makes the price worthwhile. Note: The entrance is on 47th Street.

— Robert Sietsema

The Thousand Best

This place is famous among midtown curry hounds for its generous and reasonably priced lunch buffet.
The cozy, plum-and-saffron dining room resembles an upscale cafeteria in a suburban Mumbai mall but the menu includes creations from all over the subcontinent, like delectable Kashmiri lamb rogan josh and Goan giant shrimp in a coconut-tamarind sauce. The Dahi palak kabab playfully reinvents saag paneer as patties of spinach and ricotta. You’ll hate how much you like the Utsav salad’s mango mayonnaise (you read that correctly).
The menu can be overwhelming, so feel free to retreat into the comfort of a $40, three-course prix fixe; it has only 144 possible combinations (a gross has never tasted so good).

Fine Indian Food And Service Near New York's Rockefeller Center Mark The 19-Year-Old Utsav

It’s been a bit over three years since I last visited Utsav (from a Sanskrit word meaning “festival”), and my admiration for its cooking has only increased. While the menu hasn’t radically changed from my earlier visit, the food I tasted certainly ranked with the very best Indian cuisine in New York, and the prices—especially in this high rent location across from Rockefeller Center and a block from Times Square—are on average cheaper than a competitor like Junoon. And it would be hard to match Utsav’s consistently fine service staff, whose cordiality and efficiency in delivering successive dishes make dining a pure pleasure, all under the direction of owner Nandita Khanna and Manager Jerry Joseph.

— John Mariani